About us

Our vision

BRUNN was created out of desire to make homes better through thoughtful, intentional aesthetic that brings a sense of harmony and balance to all senses. Our designs are meant to enhance your space with natural materials, quality design and careful craftsmanship that bring substance and inspiration to your life. Driven by the ideas of simplicity, thoughtfulness and harmony with nature, we strive to make furniture that will last, both in quality and in design.

Minimalist design with joyful personality

We combine minimalist simplicity with refined details and a hint of energising playfulness, to give you pieces that you will enjoy for years to come. Thoughtful and deliberate, our designs make a statement without being overwhelming, and complement your space without dominating it, leaving room for your own story to take centre stage.

Furniture that lasts, in quality and in design

We make furniture that lasts through trends and changes in your life. Instead of trying to keep up with what is trendy or popular at the moment, we opt for meaningful designs that transcend the seasonal, passing trends. Our mission is to bring you thoughtfully designed and long-lasting furniture that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Where premium quality meets excellent value

We use only the finest materials from sustainable sources. Our designs are manufactured with great attention to detail by skilled craftsmen at our local workshop, which allows us to supervise the production process from start to finish in order to ensure high-end quality. We take full advantage of e-commerce to avoid middlemen and skip the markup. This means our products provide great value while allowing us to offer fair pay to our craftsmen and suppliers.

Meet our team

BRUNN has been founded by Maciej and Joanna, Krakow-based design enthusiasts and perfectionists in search of new challenges. We teamed up with Michał and Waldek, seasoned furniture makers, to create a brand that we could be proud of. Together, we draw on our 15 years of experience in furniture craftsmanship to bring you thoughtfully conceived and carefully crafted designs that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.